web design

fully responsive

Since the beginning, Decree Design Co. has averaged 5 website projects per year for a variety of clients that span across industry spectrums. Each website is secured, fully responsive, and easily updated. Below you will see just a few examples of completed projects.

collier & co.

Logo Design & Website Design

Collier & Co. (of Henderson, KY) is a full service independent real estate company. After being with an internationally known franchise for over 30 years, they decided to transition into their fully independent status as an agency.  They had just a few months to rebrand and launch a website that was fully responsive and capable of having an MLS search function.

Collier & Co. contacted Decree after seeing other work done for another real estate agency. Work quickly began and the entire project was finished just as their franchise contract ended. 

the appraisal cast

Logo Design, Podcast Art, & Website Design

Ryan Bays is a long term client that has an amazing vision for the home appraisal industry. Not only does he operate Riverfront Appraisals, a well-trusted and unbiased appraisal company, but he longs to bring information to the everyday home owner in a manner that removes the professional jargon.

The Appraisal Cast is the realized product of that vision. Decree branded the podcast, designed the cover art, and built the website all to look completely contrary to everything else in the industry. 

pleasant valley cc

Website Design

Pleasant Valley Community Church needed a responsive website that would not just support both audio and video playbacks of their sermons, but also have the ability to be cataloged and populated according to topic, book, speaker, etc. To design such a site involved creating a custom sermon player. Though this site was built a few years ago, it is still a favorite build of the company.

frantz building services

Website Design

Frantz Building Services is one of Decree’s monthly retainer clients that receives graphic design work on a regular basis.

In 2018, they decided to revamp their website to match their developing vision. After 4 months, they were were provided with a fully responsive site that–to this day–is regularly updated.