While Graphic Design and Web Development summarize what Decree Design does, it doesn’t fully encompass the skills and services offered under the umbrellas of Graphic Design and Web Development.

Decree Design wants to help brands and businesses provide a clear message to the public. Clarity removes confusion and helps draw more customers.

This can be achieved through the various services shown below.

Everything is ‘design’. It is either poor design that causes one to retreat, or it is attractive design that invites a participant. With Decree Design Co., your specific problems are diagnosed first. Afterwards, a well-prepared strategy is developed to guarantee the creation of a professional image.

Brand Strategy

In less than 10 seconds, could your clients know who you are, what you do (or sell), and how it will help them? Decree Design Co. helps clients brainstorm how to best present the answers to those questions in a way that sets them apart from competitors.


This is more than just creating a logo. Developing a brand entails creating recognition and remembrance in how the public sees and remembers you.

Graphic Design

Logos, brochures, billboards…you name it–you’re covered!

Web Design

Decree Design builds clean, responsive websites that effectively communicate what your brand or business is about. Best part of all, each client is trained to make simple updates so that time and money are saved.

Before I found Decree Design Company, my website was just like every other appraiser's. Boring. I was frustrated because I didn't have the skill set necessary to make my business stand out online. Decree Design Company listened to my needs, and designed both a logo as well as a website that far surpasses the web presence other appraisers in our market have. Now, not only do we have the most professional logo and website of any appraisal company in our market, but we also make money off of our site! Our clients find us, and choose us over the competition, many times because of our professionally designed web presence alone! We couldn't be more thrilled with the work Decree has done, and continues to do.

Ryan Bays, OwnerRiverfront Appraisals

Joe with Decree Design has been wonderful to work with! He was referred to me by a good friend and business consultant to design our logo, website, and multiple marketing brochures for my company. He is very quick to respond and never seems to disappoint. I would recommend Decree Design to anyone looking for dependable logo, web, or other graphic design services.

Jason Chipps, President of Top Notch Service Group, Inc.