gramps coffee & donuts

Gramps Coffee & Donuts is a craft coffee and specialty donut restaurant located in the heart of Downtown Owensboro, KY. Their story is one of warmth, community, and care. The creative work serves to pay homage to its history while also presenting visuals that are unlike anything else in the region.

Brand Identity


Website Design

The Problem

The Gilmore family wanted an identity that represented the heart and history of the establishment and that would create instant memories for customers. The goal was to position them in a manner that helped them become a staple within their city. However, when this project began, there was no physical location or foundational creative direction to aid in the development of the branding package. Therefore, the design process had to rely solely on the information learned during in-depth conversations, evaluation, and research. 

The solution

An illustrative identity package inspired by mid-century modernism. Tying together bold, minimal word marks and stylistic illustrations, the client has the ability to choose from a plethora of graphics that stand uniquely on their own, yet, are cohesive and consistent with the branding package as a whole.

“When we started “Gramps”, we had a clear vision of how to care for our community well and our desire was to do it in a unique way. We just needed to communicate that effectively. Decree Design turned our thoughts into a vivid, visual story that conveyed exactly what we needed. Joe’s research and ideas for our product set us apart from all other companies in the industry. He invested in our company like it was his own. His attention to detail, the excellence of the work, and the way he listens and adapts to our company’s vision are just a few of the reasons we will keep trusting in his work for years to come!  I honestly can’t say enough good things about him or express our gratitude enough.”

Greg Gilmore, Owner