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Why The World Needs Graphic Design: Learn to Love Your Graphic Designer

Most business owners will say that Money is needed for a business to grow.

That is true.

Other business owners will say it’s Leadership that is important for business growth.

That is also true.

But what if I told you that Graphic Design was just as important for business growth and the economy? What if I told you that it was just as important as money and leadership?

You would potentially think I was crazy. But think about it!

Those leadership books you read? Someone designed the cover. Someone designed the layout of the typography. The margins were specifically placed so that there was harmony with the text layout, but also space for you to write notes; or hold the book without your hands covering the text. 

Or what if it’s a leadership training event? Someone designed that poster/ad or email blast that you learned of the event from.

That’s design.

And that money you spend? Someone designed the way those bills look. Or, if you are using electronic forms of banking, someone designed that user interface.

Now take it into the realm of advertising and marketing. If you have a logo, business cards, letterhead, signs, brochures, direct mailers, a website, an advertisement in the newspaper or on somebody else’s website, or if you are a restaurant owner that has menus; we all know that list could go on, but you get my point.

The world needs graphic design!!!

Graphic Design communicates. It might be poor communication or great communication; good design or bad design. Either way, design is largely how the economy communicates.


Recognizing the Value

I can’t tell you how many times i’ve been laughed at or denied jobs because of pricing. And while I thoroughly admit that I could be at fault for not communicating effectively, I also believe people simply don’t recognize the true value of graphic design. 

A lot of times, graphic design is thought of as a necessary evil that should bring very little cost to the company paying for it; it’s something that anybody could do, but they just don’t have the time for it (if a had a penny for everytime…).

Let’s be honest. Anybody could do any job with enough time, training, and effort. But that’s how the world works. People choose different professions in different industries to make a living; and then they rely on other people from other professions to take care of what they don’t do.

At the end of the day, it’s important to look around and see the value that graphic design (and design in general) have.


Learn to Love the Graphic Designer in Your Life

So why do I write this article?

I write it because the graphic designer in your life cares. They care about good design. They care about making you look good. That’s why they do what they do.

Learn to love the graphic designer(s) in your life. The world needs them and their craft. 

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