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Now, I know what you’re thinking…”I’m about to get a service sales pitch.” And while I would certainly be willing to discuss a potential retainer with you, that is not the purpose of this article. Instead, what I want to do is discuss three great benefits that a business can have by working with a designer via retainer.


1. Large Projects–Over Time

Does your company have large projects that require a decent amount of money, yet you don’t want to pay for it all at once?

This is the first reason a design retainer can be so valuable to your business. A lot of companies have on going marketing collateral needs, therefore, they have continued graphic design needs. However, they don’t have the ability to (or don’t want to) pay for it in the traditional scenario (25-50% deposit up front; remainder at close of project).

A design retainer becomes of great value to a brand or business because they can get the work they need over a set period of time without having to drain the marketing budget so quickly.


2. Pushed to the Front of the Line!

When you have a designer on retainer, you become a top priority. Often times, a designer has to juggle various projects. One day it may be a poster or logo design, the next a website and a billboard. But when you have a designer on retainer, you are guaranteed the attention you require, when you require it.


3. Alternative Compensation Model

Lastly, another great thing about retainers is their ability to be used as an alternative compensation model. This is helpful to Start-ups or small businesses with incredibly low marketing budgets; and I have had clients find this to be very helpful.  Typically how this works is as follows: Client will pay first month’s invoice; designer will begin work and provide the project completion date; while the designer works to meet that date, client continues to pay monthly fee; after the project is complete, client will continue to pay monthly fee until the project total has been paid in full.



There are many other great benefits that come with having a designer on retainer, but these are the three most common. If you have a designer that you currently use, talk to them and see if they would be open to having a retainer agreement in order to meet your specific needs. For you, it allows you to get the design work you need without the large, up-front costs. And for the designer, it provides them with some stability. It’s a great partnership that provides benefit to both parties.

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